Who I Am

Hi! I’m Sara, a graphic designer who loves nothing more than creating images and messages that help people communicate. My favorite moment in any job is hearing a client say, “That’s it! That’s exactly what I want to say.”

Well, that or, “AWESOME!”

I have been a print designer since 2001, as well as a writer and a copyeditor. I started grown-up life planning to write for a living—it’s what I’d been doing since I was in grade school, and I was even a writing tutor for three years in college—but then I started taking design classes, where I got credit hours to play. I still write feature magazine stories on occasion, and I’m a copyediting fiend. But after 15 years of design work I still get excited when I start tossing around ideas for a new project.

I get paid to play with photos and draw in illustrator and make things pretty—how great is that?

Each client is different, and each message is unique. The best challenge I face every time is teasing out or just creating designs that speak to and for you. From logo and identity design to posters, booklets and specialty print pieces, I craft unique images that catch the eye and build your brand.